The top 3 musical instruments

Music can be defined as the art of working sounds. There are two ways of making music in total: singing and playing. Playing music is a widespread art nowadays and is enjoyed by everyone. However, playing music properly requires the presence of musical instruments. Here are the top 3 musical instruments.

The piano

Music is an art that consists of making sounds pleasant to the ear. To achieve this, different types of musical instruments are used, among which we have the piano. The piano is the second most played musical instrument in the world. It is a very popular musical instrument and believe it or not, its reputation is not overrated.

Indeed, what makes the piano so impressive is that it is used in every style of music that exists. It is an instrument that cannot be ignored in music. It is suitable not only for children, but also for the disabled. This instrument improves your concentration, changes your mood and greatly regulates stress.

The guitar

Incredible as it may seem, the guitar is probably the most popular and most played instrument in the world. The guitarist is undoubtedly one of the most prominent figures in a band. The guitar belongs to the large family of stringed instruments and is often made of wood.

The guitar can be found in both acoustic and electro-acoustic forms. The particularity of the guitar is that it is able to give different forms of sound at the same time. It is suitable for different musical styles such as jazz, rock, funk… Playing the guitar improves your ability to concentrate.

The drums

The drum kit, also known as a percussion instrument, is certainly the heart of a musical composition. Mostly made of wood or metal, the drum set gives a sound that will delight your senses.

It can be played for all types of music including rap, soul, rock and many others. The drum set allows you to make music and also to play sports by improving your motor skills.